Hermann Teuber

Dresden 1894 - Mühldorf 1985

Hermann Teuber was born on August 12, 1894, in Dresden. His father's interest in art and his collection of drawings inspired the young Hermann. Alongside his work as a substitute teacher, Hermann Teuber began attending various art courses in 1914 until he was drafted into military service in 1916.
After the end of the war, Teuber gave up his job as a substitute teacher and enrolled in the Dresden School of Applied Arts in 1919. He went to Berlin in 1922 and studied at the College of Arts under Hans Meid and Karl Hofer until 1926. After finishing his studies there, Teuber settled in Berlin as a freelance artist.
In 1931, he received the Albrecht Dürer Prize for engraving from the city of Nuremberg. From 1935 until 1945, Hermann Teuber was a member of the Klosterstraße Studio Society in Berlin. Under the rubric of the Nazi action against "degenerate art," Teuber's works were forbidden to be exhibited. In 1943, he moved with his family to Kalkar but was drafted again in 1943.
After the end of the Second World War and his release from the prisoner of war camp, Hermann Teuber had to begin anew, as his studio on Klosterstraße in Berlin was totally destroyed as well as the engraving plates in his printing workshop.
In 1950, Teuber was named professor for print graphics at the College of Arts in Berlin. During this time, Hermann Teuber concentrated on color lithography, receiving many awards for his graphic works. In 1961, Teuber relocated to Bad Heilbrunn in Upper Bavaria and began working on woodcuts and linocuts.
He became an ordinary member of the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts in 1966. From the mid-1960's until the mid-1970's, Teuber focused on color linocuts of lost material. In 1972, he and his wife moved to Munich.
The East German Artist Guild awarded Teuber the Lovis Corinth Prize in 1977. By this time, the artist's eyesight was seriously deteriorating. Teuber painted his last large format works in the early 1980's.
Hermann Teuber died on October 24, 1985, in Munich.

Emil Nolde - Sonnenblumen mit Fuchsschwanz
Emil Nolde
Sonnenblumen mit Fuchsschwanz
532,800 $
Otto Dix - Drei Weiber
Otto Dix
Drei Weiber
222,000 $
Otto Dix - Granattrichter
Otto Dix
133,200 $
Willi Baumeister - Formen figural - dreiteilig
Willi Baumeister
Formen figural - dreiteilig
77,700 $
Willi Baumeister - Maler und Modell
Willi Baumeister
Maler und Modell
75,480 $
Ludwig Meidner - Die Pauluspredigt
Ludwig Meidner
Die Pauluspredigt
66,600 $
Emil Nolde - Tulpen und Iris
Emil Nolde
Tulpen und Iris
53,280 $
William Wauer - Porträtstudie Lu
William Wauer
Porträtstudie Lu
27,750 $

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